Self-Care and oracle Cards

This 44 card oracle deck is encoded with positive affirmations to help you settle into your evenings with intention and bliss for deep rest and clarity.
Many of us use oracle cards and many of us have no idea what an oracle card is. Vivid Affirmation created the 'Just For Tonight, I Remember...' oracle deck to bridge the gap between the two groups. The Star Sisters crafted this deck with all humans in mind.
The 'Just For Tonight, I Remember..." oracle card deck are crafted to be used as your day comes to a close. When the sun is setting in the sky and the moon is rising is the best time to pull a card. We are here to give you the magic tools in the cards that allows you to connect mind, body and soul.
Self care doesn’t need to be a big undertaking. The cards work best in small doses and doesn’t involve a lot of time; one card at a time to begin. Your constant connection to your cards and guides will become effortless and part of your nightly ritual. Vivid Affirmation is always present.
Here's 5 simple steps on how to experience your nightly affirmation oracle deck, to help you bring your dreams to life:
  1. There is no right or wrong way to use your Vivid Affirmation oracle deck. The cards are self-care tools that are ever present for you. Sort of like a trusty dog or best friend.
  2. When we suggest, "pulling a card", we mean that very thing. Pull out your deck and guidebook and pick a card to experience. This ritual can be as deep as you desire. The deck is created to be experienced on a variety of levels from very simple to extremely detailed. The Star Sisters create a few spreads to help guide you.
  3. What is a "spread"? This is a tool that helps you go deeper into the meaning of your card. We like to think of the spreads as a way to have a conversation with your spirit guides. Spreads can help you answer the unanswerable questions that you may be holding as you draw your card each night.
  4. The simple steps to follow should look something like this: clear your deck, shuffle the deck, pick your card and read the card only or use the guide book to go deeper.
  5. Interpreting your message should be a light and easy task not one that can be confusing. If your message doesn't ring true, sit with it for a few minutes and see where your mind takes you. The Vivid Affirmation cards are encoded with restful healing affirmations that will bring your mind and body into bliss.

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