Call on Your Angels

It is time to call on our unseen friends, the Angels! They are so special and they love us so very much and are always just a prayer away! Angels are the “messengers of the Universe” and are loving, wise, compassionate and they ALWAYS have the time and energy to help (since they are not limited to physical bodies)!

Angels are a Divine bridge between the Earth and the Heavens and assist us no matter how high or low our vibration is at the time. They are here for us, to guide us, and love us. The true embodiment of unconditional love. 

Angels are not limited to souls that you once knew in human form. Angels have been present for eons. Before we get in to specific Angels and who we can call on for what, it’s important to address a few things :

*Angels are simply a high vibration energy 

*Angels are not really “male” or “female” but more can have masculine and/or feminine type energy

*Because of FREE WILL, Angels need us to call on them so they can do their work. Human needs Spirit and Spirit needs the human…CO-CREATION and DIVINE TEAMWORK!!

* There are SO many beautiful Angels but we will just introduce a few of our favorites and most powerful here....



~Archangel Raphael is the Angel of Healing on all levels...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Raphael helps bring us clarity in times of confusion.

~He brings Joy, dispels darkness, purifies us and helps us become clear on what the next right steps are in life. 

~Call on Raphael when you travel as he will watch over you and take care of you.



~Archangel Michael is called on for strength, protection, and cord cutting to disengage from anyone or anything that is no longer serving your highest and greatest good.

~It is good to call on Michael when driving or traveling. He will watch over you and keep you safe!



~Archangel Gabriel is the “Messenger Angel.”

~She communicates through the third eye and dreamtime. She is a SPIRITUAL AWAKENER and brings motivation and confidence when you call on her diamond white energy. 

~Gabriel helps us to fulfill our hopes and dreams, heal karmic issues, and move along our golden path and our highest destiny. She assists in balancing the masculine and feminine energies to create harmony. 



~Archangel Uriel removes blocks, dissolves old programming, and EMPOWERS you. Invite Archangel Uriel to release destructive habits and patterns. 

~Call on Uriel to help in turning the unmanifested into MANIFESTED! Archangel loves movement!

~He is the Angel to move you forward and to find peace within so we can create peace all around!


~Archangel Christiel is the Divine Feminine aspect of Christ Consciousness (UNCONDITIONAL LOVE)

~She reminds you of the Light that is already within you….she reminds you of your Magic, Strength, and Power.

~You can call on her anytime, but you can specifically call on her energy during the full moon!


There are many, many, MANY more Angels to work with and call upon! Remember, the simple prayer of HELP is no longer a desperate plea…

HELP stands for…





Invite the Divine into your heart and in to your days and enjoy co-creating with Spirit!

You are so loved and surrounded and protected more than you know.

Sweet dreams,

Star Sister #2

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