5 Ways to Use Your Oracle Cards

5 ways to experience your cards each night:
We intended the "Just For Tonight I Remember..." deck to be used as a guide each night. The cards are encoded with healing geared towards your nightly routines.
1. CLEANSE! The cards are sensitive to energy. When you first open them be sure to cleanse/smudge the cards with sage or palo santo. If you have someone besides you use your cards you could smudge/cleanse them again. This clears the way for your guides message to be loud and clear for you.
2. CHOOSE! Decide if you'll pick 1 card (we recommend pulling 1 card
to start) or a spread. You can use one of our spreads found in your guidebook.
3. SHUFFLE! You want to gain the most from your Vivid Affirmation cards and the magic really begins when you shuffle the deck. We like to shuffle with our left hand or less dominate hand (sorry lefties), this taps into our divinely feminine side. As you hold the cards, ruminate on the message you would like to receive.
4. INTUITION! Tap into your soul's purpose and feel what info comes through from your guides. Do you feel any sensations in your body? Are there signs showing up right now? Once you used your intuition then pick up the Vivid Affirmation guidebook for a deeper message and action.
5. INTEGRATE! Place card in a special way by your bedside for a blissful night's rest and know that you're exactly where you need to be.

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